This is what we’ve been waiting for…

I was hyped and I was not disappointed. Steve Aoki’s remixes are always LIT and this was no exception.

I was a bit confused after watching the video because Desiigner wasn’t in the video at all, so then I listened to the audio with him and it was soooo good!

I need this on my playlist, what about you?

Check out the MV:


K.A.R.D Debut – Hola Hola

Ayyy Ohhh!

What dropped today? Oh yes KARD’s DEBUT!!!!!!

I was wayyyy tooo excited lmao… Anyway, can you name a better debut album? Nope, didn’t think so!

KARD have had a really good start and are already doing pretty well considering they only really debuted today…

I mean they’ve already toured America and have Europe in September (I want to go so badly), they are really bringing something different and new by being a co-ed group, they are definitely appealing to many different audiences and fans worldwide with their multi-lingual members!

I’m loving them already, are you?

New Song Hola Hola

Top 5 GOT7 Songs

In a previous post, I mentioned that GOT7 were my favourite kpop group, so today I thought I’d try to pick my top 5 GOT7 songs!

This is going to be difficult, I better start thinking…

5. Just right

Okay! This was the song that got me into Got7, the video is just so positive and cute!

Just right is probably my second favourite album, I love pretty much all the songs on the album, and I LOVE THE CONCEPT!

Check it out!

4. Girl Magnetic

This song is super cute and funky! It always cheers me up when I’m down, you know? It is from their second album, Identify, and it’s definitely still one of their really catchy songs!

This dance practice video is pretty funny and makes the song a lot more enjoyable!

3. Nice

Again, this song is from their album Just Right. I like the slightly quirkier songs, and of course, the extremely catchy songs!

This is a fan-made MV, using clips from their reality show Real GOT7.

2. Fly

Well, this music video is definitely my favourite in terms of aesthetics.

It’s so beautiful! Also, it’s just a great song! I really like GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy. I like the fact that the music videos tell a (very weird and confusing) story.

Check out the official MV!

1. Mayday

My favourite Got7 song, well probably?

I don’t know why I like this song, I just do. It’s got a different theme and feel to the most of the other songs on this list, it’s sadder I guess?

This is the MV that Got7 made themselves, I really like it!

Top 5 Anime Openings

Yay this is my first blog post about anime!

In this post I’m basically just going to talk about why I like certain anime openings, enjoy!

5. Himouto! Umaru-Chan Op – Kakushinteki Metamaruphose!

This anime was just an amazing representation of how wish my life was, so how could I not love the opening?

This opening is cute, lively and quite easy to get stuck in your head!

Overall, this opening just makes you feel happy so that’s why it’s one of my favourites!

4. Fairy Tail Op 15 – Masayume Chasing

This song is my reason for liking the opening, because to be honest, I think Fairy Tail is generally a bit well… meh?

The visuals are pretty generic, but are still quite pretty, but the freaking song is my jam!

3. Charlotte Op – Bravely You

This opening (and also the anime in general) was just beautiful. I love the galaxy/space aesthetic and I think the animation goes with the music quite well, I also just want to cry when I listen to it.

2. No Game No Life Op – This Game

Ahh… this opening is just beautiful!

I personally love the colours of the anime and when you combine it with this song, which I also LOVE, it just makes me so satisfied when I watch it.

What a blooming beautiful opening!

1. Danganronpa 3 Despair Side Op (ver 1) – Kami-iro Awase

Okay, firstly there are a lot of different versions of this opening, but 2 main ones really, there’s this first one, which had a nice, light, airy pastel aesthetic, and then there was the darker, but still pastel second opening, which was also super aesthetic!

The variations in the opening animation also linked to the progression of the story, which I thought was really clever and is just cool!

I also just really like the song, so I thought it was a great opening all-round!

My Top 5 Kpop Groups

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon, I’m bored, so what better thing to do than write a blog post about music that I like, hey?

So here we go, my top 5 kpop groups!


Quite a new group, but they’re so good! There are 4 members and they recently dropped As if it’s Your Last which is a very catchy song!

If you like girl groups with attitude, you’ll probably like them!

Favourite song: Playing With Fire

4. BTS

BTS, the legends. They are insanely popular at the moment, they recently rebranded themselves as Beyond The Scenes and have become a lot more popular since winning Top Social Artist at the Billboard music awards. I think they totally deserve it!

BTS have many online series and are very active on social media such as Twitter.

Favourite Song: DOPE

3. Red Velvet

In my previous posts I’ve talked about Red Velvet, I absolutely love their music!

Their videos are quite weird and wacky, for example in their music video Russian Roulette, the members try to kill each other. It’s got a kind of creepy cute vibe.

Favourite song: Ice Cream Cake

2. K.A.R.D

Another newly formed group, who are quite different from the rest. K.A.R.D are a co-ed 4 member group.

Presently, they have only released 3 songs and an english version of a song. All of the songs are super catchy and the videos are beautiful.

One of the biggest reasons I love the group is that they are already trying to appeal to their fans in other parts of the world, and by releasing and english version, they are opening up to a lot of audiences.

They haven’t even debuted yet, but have already toured America and will be coming to Europe in September (SREAMS) – sorry, they’re coming to London 3 days before my birthday and I’m so dead ;-;

Favourite song: Don’t Recall (Hidden ver.)

1. GOT7

The first kpop video I ever watched was GOT7’s Just Right, i absolutely loved the fun, colourful and positive message that it gave! I think it’s still definitely one of my favourite music videos!

Another thing that draws me to GOT7 is the chemistry in the group. They are so funny and have a really good relationship with each other which is obvious in their reality programmes. GOT7 have had quite a few series on the internet, for example:

  • Real GOT7 – currently 4 seasons, available to watch on netflix and youtube!
  • GOT7ing
  • GOT7’s Hard Carry

and many more, full list on wikipedia!

Favourite video: Just Right



Falling in Love With Red Velvet?

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of new music and I’ve been really getting into Red Velvet. As soon as I woke up this morning, I realised Red Velvet had dropped a new MV and I think I might be becoming Red Velvet trash… oops!

Red Flavor is such a good song, I love the summer vibes and the fruity theme!

I’d love to know what other people think, so drop a comment ❤

Currently listening to: Red Flavor – Red Velvet

Another fail of a blog?

Hello and welcome to my first post on yet another blog of mine!

The real question I should ask myself is “How long will you be able to keep this up?” and the answer will probably be “About a week or so?”.

Oh well, here we go again 🙂

I think this blog will be about music and other stuff I enjoy.

Currently listening to: Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet